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Bivalve TLSO

BivalveThoraco Lumbar Sacral Orthoses (TLSOs) are used mainly to treat fractures between T6 and L3. Every TLSO is designed to provide support and immobilization of the thoracic and lumbar regions following various surgical procedures/ traumatic injuries. TLSO are commonly used to help treat post-operative thoracic/lumbar fusion, laminectomy or discectomy, compression fractures, degenerative disc disease, osteoporosis, single column spinal instability immobilization, and facet syndrome.

A custom-molded plastic body jacket, or thoracolumbosacral orthosis (TLSO), is fabricated from polypropylene or another type of plastic. It offers the best control in all planes of motion and increases intracavitary pressure. This orthosis has a lightweight design and is easy to don and doff. The material is easy to clean and comfortable to wear. This brace sometimes is referred to as the clamshell.

In some cases, an off-the-shelf TLSO that has been customized to the patient will be used. Each patient will be evaluated and the most appropriate orthosis will be selected.

Motion restrictions:
• Limits lateral bending
• Limits flexion and extension
• Limits rotation to some extent

• Immobilization for compression fractures from osteoporosis
• Immobilization after surgical stabilization for spinal fractures
• Bracing for idiopathic scoliosis
• Immobilization for unstable spinal disorders at T3-L3
• Bracing for those with neurologic injuries

• Patient lives alone and has no one to help don orthosis

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