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Central Fabrication Services

CPO Central is a separate, central fabrication arm of Center for Prosthetics Orthotics, Inc whose employees are committed to giving you the highest quality service.  We recognize  the need for a central fabrication facility that provides artisan-like craftsmanship as well as over 50 years technical expertise for your patients.  CPO uses the same highly skilled technicians for you that we utilize in our own prosthetic and orthotic clinics to ensure that “attention to detail” quality is maintained.  We are as invested as you are in the success of your patients.  We take pride in knowing that we can provide an aesthetically pleasing, comfortable and highfunctioning prosthesis or orthosis for you and your patients.

Please contact CPO’s Seattle office for further information on how to set up an account. Ask for Tom or Jose.


Our Staff

CPO's clinical team consists of a team of practitioners with a combined total of over 92 years of clinical experience. Each practitioner is both board certified and state licensed in prosthetics as well as in orthotics.
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Contact Us

Email us at or visit our Contact page for more information.