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Patient Advocates

We find that, for many patients, it’s helpful to have the opportunity for their questions to be heard and answered not just by CPO staff, but by other present and former patients who have shared similar experiences. With that in mind, we have partnered with a number of past patients who have generously volunteered to answer email inquiries about the experience of using and living with prosthetics and orthotics.

If you have a question (or a number of questions) about your own condition, prosthesis or orthosis use, etc., we would be happy to forward those questions to one or more of our patient advocates. Simply complete the brief form below-left and our Advocacy Coordinator will attempt to identify one of out patient advocates that would be a good match for answering your question(s).

If you are a former patient and would be interested in becoming involved as a Patient Advocate, complete the short form to the right side of this page to let us know.