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Prosthetics Guides

Center for Prosthetics Orthotics, Inc. offers a range of instructional guides to aide our patients in becoming better acclimated with their new prosthesis or orthoses.

Unless otherwise noted, all instructional guides are provided in PDF format for easy downloading and printing. You will need the Acrobat Reader plugin to view PDF files. If you aren’t able to view any of the documents linked below, click here to download the latest version of Acrobat Reader.

Gel Liners – An overview of skin problems (and their treatment) that are commonly associated with gel liners.

Residual Limb Wrapping – Your residual limb may decrease in size more than 15% over the first 6 weeks after your amputation and as much as another 10% in the first 6 months. To help control swelling and encourage maturation of the residual limb, you should wear a shrinker and wrap an elastic bandage on top of the shrinker.

Rigid Dressings – Rigid casts are used following amputations for a number of reasons, including providing necessary compression on the limb, as well as reducing pain and the likelihood of infections.

Demonstration Videos – You can view sample videos showing a number of our prosthetics in action on our YouTube channel. Click here to see the full set of available videos.

Donate Prothetic Limbs – “Prosthetic components are generally not reused in the United States because of legal considerations. However, used prosthetic limbs may be disassembled and the components shipped to Third World countries for use by landmine victims and/or other individuals in need. The following organizations accept donations of used prosthetic limbs and/or components.”

Office Hours

CPO's three offices are open 8:30 am – 5:00 pm, Monday through Friday except for holidays. We have a practitioner on call after business hours, on weekends and holidays 24/7.

If you wish to reach a practitioner on call after hours for an urgent matter that requires attention before the office is scheduled to reopen, call the office number and follow the recorded prompts to page the practitioner on call.
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