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Bronson (The Magnificent)

Bronson (The Magnificent) Bronson (The Magnificent) Bronson (The Magnificent)

Tell us the story of Bronson’s birth impediment.

Bronson was born with two clubfeet. We saw an orthopedic surgeon when he was 2 months old. He advised that Bronson would undergo a series of procedures which included casting, then a minor surgery which clipped the Achilles tendons, and finally the wearing of the Ponseti braces. The braces were on full time for 6 months and now are only worn at night until Bronson turns 3 years of age.

What type of orthotic device is he wearing?

Ponseti braces.

“Bronson adapted to the braces easily and the long straps are actually one of his favorite things to suck on!”

Do you have any advice to share with new patients in similar situations?

Although it is very difficult to see your infant in casts and undergo surgery, focus on the end result- your child will be able to walk, skip, and run. What a blessing it is to see him learning to walk!

How has your orthosis changed his life?

As parents still early in the stage of Bronson’s development, we already see the benefits and progress of wearing the braces. Bronson adapted to the braces easily and the long straps are actually one of his favorite things to suck on!

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