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Ron Hoeffer

Ron Hoeffer Ron Hoeffer Ron Hoeffer

Tell us the story of your injury and amputation.

I fell off the front of a pontoon boat. The boat went over the top of me. The prop struck my legs, severing my left leg off right through the knee. My right leg was also badly damaged.

What type of prosthetic device are you wearing?

An above the knee prosthesis.

“Be patient. No detail is too small. Ask questions if you don’t fully understand.”

Do you have any advice to share with new patients in similar situations?

Be patient. No detail is too small. Ask questions if you don’t fully understand (something about your treatment).

Is there a resource that was helpful to you during your recovery?

Family and friends.

How has your prosthesis changed your life?

It has given me my self-esteem back and the ability to hold a job.

What are some achievements you’ve reached since your amputation?

With leg, no.

Is there any other information you’d like to share?

My future plan is to walk until I can’t walk no more.

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Michael Dreyer

“Being able to talk about your situation is so important. Being an amputee is not easy, but you're not alone. Take what you have been given and fulfill your dreams and goals.”

Glenn Barfield

“I sat up after being thrown 35 feet and realized my leg was severed.”

Bronson (The Magnificent)

“Although it is very difficult to see your infant in casts and undergo surgery, focus on the end result - your child will be able to walk, skip, and run.”

Per Jensen

“Have a positive attitude and try to live as normally as possible, doing what you want to do.”

Emma Meyers

“Families, remember that you are your child's best advocate.”

Brett Wolfe

“Know what you want to do with your prostheses and understand you own skills and limits.”

Amina Nawaz

“I am happy... I hope everyone who has this [procedure] can be happy and enjoy life again.”

Lori McPhetridge

“Being able to walk again has been one of the greatest things to happen to me and it is getting better all the time.”