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What to Expect

Your Journey Starts Here

Choose CPO to provide your prosthetic or orthotic device and you select a team that offers services that are as individual as you are. This means, how we work depends entirely on what you need from us.

The journey always begins with a complimentary face-to-face consultation. At this meeting, we will establish your particular requirements and discuss possible solutions. Throughout, we aim to determine your individual goals. Only when we are satisfied that we understand you and your needs will we provide a tailored program of care with full details of the costs. This program will highlight every step in the process, from the casting procedure and measurement taking, to the fitting and delivery of your particular rehabilitation device.

Beyond our direct clients, we also work closely with clinical partners, medical device distribution companies, medical practitioners and physical therapists. Together, we share one common goal: to provide people with the finest possible portfolio of prosthetic and orthotic services.


For most devices, a follow-up appointment will be scheduled within 2 weeks after you receive your prosthesis or orthosis to determine that the device is fitting and functioning properly and to assure your comfort and safety. At that time, we will gladly make any necessary adjustments to the device. No additional fee is charged for initial check-ups unless additional accessories are needed.

Repairs and Adjustments

If your prosthesis or orthosis requires repairs or adjustments beyond the warranty periods which are mentioned below, labor will be charged for our services in quarter-hour increments.

It is essential that you trust our skills and expertise. We take pride in our service and offer the following warranties:


CPO will provide continued fitting adjustments until such time as you, the patient, is properly fit and reasonable comfort of the orthosis or prosthesis is achieved. This will be at no additional cost to you for a period of 90 days unless physical changes have occurred.

WORKMANSHIP on any device which is custom made by CPO (exclusive of other suppliers’ components) is warranted to be satisfactory and without defect for 12 months of normal use.

BREAKAGE AND WEAR of components or of your prefabricated device is covered under suppliers’ warranties which vary in duration. The cost of labor for replacement of any components which break or wear out during normal use will be absorbed by CPO if the component or device itself is still under the manufacturer’s warranty.

Office Hours

CPO's three offices are open 8:30 am – 5:00 pm, Monday through Friday except for holidays. We have a practitioner on call after business hours, on weekends and holidays 24/7.

If you wish to reach a practitioner on call after hours for an urgent matter that requires attention before the office is scheduled to reopen, call the office number and follow the recorded prompts to page the practitioner on call.
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