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Peak Scoliosis Bracing System

gallery-peak-scoli-3The Peak Scoliosis Bracing System™ is an unloader brace designed to relieve pain, thus enhancing the quality of life for adult scoliosis patients. This brace has been shown to improve posture, enhance mobility and ultimately increase a patient’s ability to perform activities of daily living. The brace offers multiple configuration options to accommodate unique patient needs.

The unique thoracic and trochanter pads provide a three point pressure system on the spine to reduce body lean.


It is indicated for adults with scoliosis curves who are interested in non-operative ways to address the scoliotic curve to reduce body lean and pain.


The Peak Scoliosis Orthosis is not meant to be worn for longer than 6 hours per day. If you require all day support then a different bracing option would be better suited to you.

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