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How to Make a Referral (EPIC)

This describes how to place an order using the Epic system for Prosthetic and Orthotic service/devices.

1. Find the prosthetics orthotics order by typing “prosth ortho” in the New Order field in Single Order or Order Entry.


The Preference List Matches window displays:


PROSTHETICS AND ORTHOTICS is listed in the Preference List below the header Procedures in the middle of the screen. Select it and click Accept Selection.

2. In the Place Order screen, ORTHOTICS AND PROSTHETICS appears under Procedures.



All available categories of routine P&O orders are displayed:


Choose among the various categories of prompts. For example, to order a spinal orthosis, click in the ellipsis (…) next to 12. custom fabrication/O&P. A screen will appear termed Item Select with a list of various types of routine orthoses and prosthetic orders to choose from:


3. Select the desired device, e.g., Rigid Dressing. Click Accept.

The screen of prompts will reappear with the selected device in the answer column.
You may add additional information in the Comments section to the right.

Remember to Type into the Comments “by CPO” in order for the order to be
directed to Center for Prosthetics Orthotics. Otherwise, it defaults to Pacific Medical.


NOTE: An alternative method for ordering a device is to compose an order in the Comments section. Go to the bottom of the screen and click on Click to Add Text to free-text-in the order.

Remember to type into the Comments section “by CPO” in order for your order to be directed to Center for Prosthetics Orthotics. Otherwise, it defaults to Pacific Medical.

To accept your selected settings, click Accept.

Click Sign & Hold or Sign to sign the order.


Appendix: Choosing the P&O Order Using an Order Set

1. Select an Order Set from the list of suggested order sets under Favorites by clicking on the desired order set.


2. Scroll through the various orders in the order set until coming to Additional Inpatient Orders found below the red bar. In the screen next to Search for Orders, search for P&O orders by typing “prosth ortho”. Click Search.


From this point, continue with the instructions for “Entering a P&O Order”.

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