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Providence Scoliosis TLSO

Providence TLSOThe Providence brace is a rigid, custom-made orthosis that is designed to improve patient compliance by correcting scoliosis at nighttime. This brace holds the patient in maximum side-bending correction.

• A curve of 20-25° with 10° progression over 1 year
• A curve of 25-30° with 5° progression over 1 year
• Skeletally immature patients with a curve of 30° or greater
• Clinical information regarding the use of the Providence brace includes the following:

The Providence brace is significantly less effective than the Boston brace in the treatment of double major curves and single thoracic curves in patients with Risser stage 0-I.

Over 50% of patients with a single thoracic curve who were treated with a Providence brace required surgery, compared with 24% of patients who were treated with a Boston brace. As a result, the Providence brace is not recommended for use in thoracic curves.

The Providence brace is less effective in the treatment of single thoracolumbar or lumbar curves, but the figures are not statistically significant compared with those for the Boston brace.

Radiographs that are used to evaluate scoliosis with the Providence brace are performed with the patient in a supine position, because the patient wears the brace while sleeping supine.

Successful outcomes with brace treatment show an in-brace curve reduction greater than 50%.

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